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At Drains Plumbing, we have some of the best plumbers in San Diego who have expertise in all kind of repairing slab leaks and detecting them. We are always coming up innovative ideas and provide you with the best fix for any kind of issues you might be facing at your home in San Diego. We take pride in being the best slab leak detection company in San Diego. Our expert plumbers will suggest you the most cost-efficient and reliable solutions for repairs and replacements.

Here are some symptoms of slab leaks:

  • You’ve recently noticed some mildew and excessive moisture under your carpets. This might be accompanied with a very foul smell
  • You hear sound of water running even when none of the water fixtures are on
  • You’ve noticed small cracks in your walls or floors of your house
  • You sense a hot spot on the floor
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Outsmarting Slab Leaks

Any kind of leak can prove to be drastic for your house, including the slab leaks. This is why, our company uses state of the art tests, equipment and techniques that helps us to solve any kind of slab leakage problem.

Residents in San Diego look onto us to successfully and professionally manage their slab leak issues:

  • We will help you resolve your problems using the least invasive methods
  • We work efficiently and quickly without sacrificing on quality of our work
  • We ensure that all the parts and pipes are functioning in their optimal condition

If you are facing a slab leak problem at your house, here are some steps that you can take to manage the leak on your own. You should start by locating the master water supply box in your house and turn the water valve clockwise. This will cut off all the water supply to your house and will prevent the leak from getting worse and water being wasted.

Slab Leaks and Repairs

Whenever a house is constructed on a slab, there is always a risk that there can occur a leak in the pipes that are located underneath the concrete slab foundation.

Based on your location and the kind of copper material used in the construction of home in your area, your house pipes will be prone to slab leaks or in need of repair. Whenever damage occurs, it will affect your sewer lines and you may require a sewer video inspection in order to conduct a sewer repair. No matter what the issue might be, we promise to resolve all such issues you’ve been facing at home.

Because of the unique nature of slab foundations, a slab leak isn’t always immediately identifiable. At times, it is mostly a matter of inspecting your carpets and floors for any moisture. Other times, a major suspicion is unreasonably high-water bills that is way too much than your usual water usage.

In case you aren’t sure whether or not you are having a slab leak issue at your home in San Diego, you can always give one of our professionals a call at Drains Plumbing. One of our professional technicians will come over to your house and thoroughly inspect your situation and provide you with a report of any underlying problem and what possible solutions can be used to fix it.

At Drains Plumbing, we have some of the best technicians that have been hand-picked and extensively trained with the latest methods of electronic slab leak identification. They also have the knowledge of repair options and suggestions that will prevent your problem form getting worse. When they come over to your place, they will be equipped with state-of-the-art slab leak identification equipment. This helps to quickly inspect the problem and get to fix it ASAP.

Our high-tech electronic slab leak equipment also enables our plumbers to pinpoint the leak point in the copper piping. Majority of the times, Drains Plumbing will repair an identified slab leak on the spot. However, if it requires a re-pipe or bypass, we will advise you the most effective and least expensive method to get the problem fixed.

If we find that you have a slab leak, we can assure you that when you contact our professionals at Drains Plumbing, we will take care of all your slab leak concerns and it will be a thing of the past very soon. No longer would you have to worry about high water bills or wet carpets.

We have an excellent customer service reputation because of the professional plumbing solutions that we provide. We ensure that our customers’ needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. Our care for your slab leak issue will receive the highest level of attention like all of our other services. This is possible because of our experienced and extensively trained plumbers that has helped us become the best slab leak detection company in San Diego. We are capable of providing you with individualized analysis of your problems that will help to provide a reliable solution. Another reason why we are the best slab leak repair company in San Diego is because we customize our services as per your needs and budgets while ensuring that we provide you with a reliable solution.

Give us a call today at Drains Plumbing to get a free of cost plumbing service estimate. We have decades of experience in the plumbing industry and being a locally operated business based in San Diego, we take pride in calling ourselves the best plumbing company in San Diego. Our company was founded on the principles of independence, service, integrity and honesty.

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