drainsIf you live in the San Diego area, you will understand that finding a plumber who is fast and efficient as well as affordable for cleaning your drains can be a bit of a challenge. At Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain, we understand your challenge, and can offer you professional, experienced plumbing technicians at some of the lowest rates around.

Our drain cleaning technicians all have incomparable knowledge and hands on experience in drain cleaning as well as a first-hand knowledge of the San Diego area and an understanding of the needs of this community.

By following a regular home maintenance schedule, it is easy to keep your drains from plugging up but, if you are like so many of us, drains are not the first thing you think about when you are planning for home maintenance. In fact, chances are that unless something goes wrong, you probably don’t think much about them at all.

When drains get clogged; however, it can be a real headache for everyone involved. In fact, if your home or business has gone too long without regular drain cleaning, you could be looking at some serious back-up issues in the not too distant future; issues that could not only cause major problems but could cause major damage as well.

It is in everyone’s best interest if you add regular drain cleaning to your list of household maintenance chores and see to it that you keep your drains free and clear of build-up. To ensure that you have the cleanest drains possible, Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain is available to come out and service anyone in the San Diego area who needs services. From emergency drain cleaning services to regularly scheduled maintenance, Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain can do it all, and at a less expensive cost than you may expect.

Not only do we offer regular maintenance work, but should you have a leak or backup, Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of any emergency needs you may have in the San Diego area.

For more information on our drain cleaning or regular plumbing services or to talk to a customer representative, please call 619-345-5550 today!


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