Angle Stops and Risers

Angle Stops and RisersA toilet is a vital part of the plumbing system. It is one of the main means that makes easy removal of waste from the home. If your toilet suddenly malfunctions, fixing the problem is the thing you are likely to do. A lot of people find fixing a faulty toilet a profound task; an adventurous task. As for those who have no idea of what home plumbing entails find replacing objects like angle stops and risers impractical.

Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain has all the parts you need to get your toilet to normal functioning. In addition to that, it has qualified expert technicians who install and repair professionally. This way, you won’t have to worry about learning a new skill or getting your hands dirty.

The technicians will install risers in your toilet to keep its water level right such that when you need to flush, you won’t worry about having enough water in the tank. At the same time, they will install angle stops for the toilet and other plumbing fixtures in the house. Angle stops are vital when repairing or replacing plumbing fixtures. An angle stop is useful because it isolates the flow of water from plumbing fixtures like sinks, toilets, showers and many more. All these fixtures have angle stops which are useful during emergencies as you can turn off the water supply to a particular fixture and prevent plumbing crises.

A single call to Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain will result in proper installation of angle stops and risers. The technicians assigned will make sure that all angle stops and risers work properly with all the fixtures present in your home. As long as you contact Drain Pro technicians, you will always get professional installation services. These technicians are committed to offering quality services to all customers. They are well-informed experts who not only get the job done properly the first time but also give correct answers to all the questions you have about the work done.

Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain has an emergency plumbing team standby twenty- four hours a day and seven days a week. This emergency team is always ready to attend to your plumbing issues. If you want to contact the company’s professional customer care representative, visit the company’s contact page and get its telephone number or email address. Competitive Edge Plumbing & Drain technicians respond swiftly to emergency calls. Call them today and experience unique plumbing services.


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